Social Media Posting Frequency

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Social Media Posting Frequency

Social Media posting frequency – how much is too much? How much is not enough?  I’m beginning to feel information-overload here.  I’ve been researching the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Marketing.  How often do I post to Facebook?  How often should I post to Instagram?  Should I link Instagram to Facebook?  Is Twitter even important anymore? After awhile my head spins.  Now I’m a pretty social girl, but holy cow there’s a lot of information out there!

So I had to get all of my thoughts down on paper (virtually of course) so I could make a game plan.  I started by Googling about social media frequency, content and search engine optimization.  Then I made a list  to consolidate all of this SEO/Social Media information onto one page.  Now I have more of a plan.  I’m sharing it with friends.  And you.

  • Blog Posting:  Weekly – set a schedule
  • Facebook/Google+:  Post once per day or 5-10 times per week
  • Twitter: Five tweets per day/individual;  30 tweets per day/brand
  • Instagram: No downside to high frequency posting
  • LinkedIn: A good guideline is to post one article per week and 1-2 short updates per day. 20 posts per month.
  • #Hashtags: Call to action, conversation starter; no more than three per post. And be careful about your hashtags – make sure the words don’t spell out something that you don’t want – worse yet, offensive.
  • YouTube: Once a week to once a month.  Owned by Google, the second largest search engine – videos are moving closer to the top of results.

So there you have it.  A quick little Social Media reference list to start with. Keep in mind that every company and it’s followers are different; different Social Media strategies may be more effective.  See what works for you.

Happy Holidays!