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Domain Name Registration

It all starts with a name. Your domain name is the "dot com" that points viewers to your website. The internet is now inundated with names so it's becoming increasingly difficult to select a name that's short and sweet. That being said, choose a name that reflects your brand or identity and try to keep it, well, short and sweet!

A couple of suggestions when purchasing a domain name. First, always purchase from a reputable domain name registrar such as Enom. Go Daddy and Network Solutions are great registrars but my experience has been that they charge for extras like domain name forwarding, ID protection or email. Second, when you register your domain name, always opt for domain name protection to avoid the spammers. Lastly, make notes as to whom you registered your domain with and when the renewal date is. Spammers will get a hold of your contact information and send you "Urgent Renewal Notices" encouraging you to renew your domain name for some exorbitant amount of money. Just say no!

Contact me to register or transfer your domain name. Annual domain name registration starting at $15 per year. Specialty TLD's available at an additional cost.

Website Hosting

Your website hosting provider is critical to the success and the health of your website. Don't skimp on the low or no cost website hosting services. It's not worth it!  Shoreline Digital Marketing offers its clients fast and reliable website hosting packages and domain name registration.

I’ve worked with several different hosting companies over the years. There are numerous comparisons of hosting providers out there, but it boils down to a few key points:

  • Server up-time and reliability
  • Server speed
  • Customer service

Over the years I have used several different hosting providers. I have come to rely on Inmotion Hosting and Siteground as my two preferred hosting service providers.

REGISTER through my reseller hosting service and receive my full service website set up or click one of the links below and sign up via my affiliate service with Siteground or InMotion Hosting.

My Preferred Website Hosting Providers

Web Hosting