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Shoreline Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency targeted to small and medium sized businesses who are looking for one-on-one help with growing their digital presence.

About Laura - The West Coast Cyber Chick


West Coast Cyber Chick Laura Nowak BrownHey there, I'm Laura Nowak Brown!  I'm a girl who loves marketing and a total geek when it comes to all things tech.   I love networking with people and learning about how others grow and promote their businesses.  Mix in computers, devices and some really great apps - you're speaking my language!  The conversations my friends and I have while we're skiing or biking often turns to marketing and business.  Blogs, podcasts, Instagram, you name it, we're chatting about it!

I split my time between Henderson, Nevada and Big Bear Lake, California with my husband, Robin Brown. We love to get outside and go adventuring (check out my personal Instagram and you'll get the picture, pun intended!).  Road trips usually involve bikes, our dog Sochi, plus a museum here and there for good measure. I'm always hungry to learn more; whether it's history, keeping up with marketing trends or being a better athlete, my goal is to improve.

Favorite Things to Do

  • Play outside!  Follow the LifeOutdoors.Rocks blog for updates on our latest adventures.
  • Bikes - Occasional mountain bike racer and road bike rider.  Thanks to my sweetheart, my quiver is growing - my newest ride is my fat bike, Miss Fatty Pit-tatty!
  • Water - Three event tournament water skier and an American Water Ski Association Honorary National Director and rated official.  I LOVE the water!
  • Snow - Former masters ski racer, love a good powder day (who doesn't, right?) and snowshoeing with our dog Sochi.
  • Budding genealogist - by far the most addicting hobby I've found!

I'm a bit on the competitive side you might say... and maybe a little obsessive too. 

About Shoreline Digital Marketing

Your Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

Where I Started

I've had a curiosity about marketing and small business ever since the first job I had in high school during the early 1980's.  I worked at the local Baskin Robbins and I was intrigued with how this little ice cream store operated; I wanted to know what made it tick.   That led to working for a manufacturer's sales rep office while I was in college where I learned about marketing sales, trade shows, and the general running of a small office.

I went to Cal State Long Beach where I received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing (1990) and later an MBA with a focus in Finance (1995). I worked for Danka/Omnifax and then Southern California Bank as a marketing rep where work ranged from trade shows and marketing campaigns to desktop publishing of newsletters and flyers.

When the internet revolution took off, my desktop publishing skills turned into web design.  I learned html and later css.  It took me awhile to adjust from desktop publishing where you could put something anywhere you wanted on a page to html where it started at the top left and worked from there. That made me crazy!  I broke down and bought a book - yes I read the manual.  I've dabbled in php but that my friend is the bane of my existence.  I admitted to myself that I do not want to be a developer.  I'm a marketing girl.

Turning a Hobby into a Successful Business

Shoreline Digital Marketing began as just a hobby. I started a website for my local water ski club and then it just grew from there.  It was so much fun and people started asking me to build websites for other clubs and organizations. Eventually a friend's employer hired me to manage their website.  (Thank you Carl Pugh and Corvette Mike!)  I was nicknamed the "West Coast Cyber Chick" and it's kind of stuck!

My geeky, computer-loving side found what was then a niche with web design and I was able to couple it with my love of marketing and business. I have an eye for not just the technical side of a website but the content and marketing part as well. I had English grammar drilled into my head in Catholic middle school... that stuck too.

Most of my business has been word of mouth and referrals from friends and clients, of which I am most grateful.  Check out my Portfolio and Client List - it's pretty diverse but it's all been a lot of fun along the way.  Well, most of the time...

It's Not Just Websites Anymore

Online or digital marketing has come a long way since the 90's.  Websites are only a piece of the online marketing puzzle now.  The online/digital marketing scene has exploded into social media, blogging, email marketing, sales funnels, search engine optimization, webinars, video, voice and so on.  It's crazy how many channels are out there now and finding the right one can be daunting for sure.   But for me it's an exciting industry to be a part of.  Remember I'm a marketing/tech-geek...

Shoreline Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency that is targeted to small and medium sized businesses who are looking for one-on-one help with growing their digital presence.  I enjoy being able to give personalized attention to my clients and ensuring that each and every one is completely happy with the results that we achieve. 

Laura Nowak

If you ever have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.  Many of my clients are long-time customers with whom we've grown through this journey together. They often become good friends and I cherish the relationships that I've developed over the years. The success of their businesses is important to me.  I love seeing people thrive!

If personalized attention to detail from a digital marketing agency is what you're looking for in your marketing goals, then working with Shoreline Digital Marketing might be the right fit for you. 

Drop me a line if you have any questions and check out my blog for the latest tips and trends in the digital marketing world.  Thanks for visiting!

All the best,