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The History of Hashtags – HubSpot

Great article about the history of hashtags (#hashtags) and where they’ve come in the past seven years.

A lot’s happened since hashtags were first¬†proposed on Twitter. Back then,¬†the first generation iPhone was only a few months old.¬†Superbad¬†made a killing in¬†theatres.¬†J.K. Rowling released the seventh, final, and (arguably) most satisfying book of the Harry Potter series.

It took two years for Twitter to fully embrace the hashtag, and it’s been¬†a whirlwind of opportunity and embarrassment¬†for both users and marketers ever since. Just look at this post on successes and failures from seven big brands’ Twitter hashtag campaigns¬†to see what I¬†mean.

While its adoption on Twitter certainly wasn’t its conception, it’s interesting to look at the hashtag’s journey from 2007 to¬†the recent past. Where along the way did it make the biggest difference in¬†the world as we know it? Check out the infographic below from Offerpop for the timeline.

History of Hashtags

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