Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Happy Veteran’s Day!


It’s Veterans Day, a good day to remember everything our heroes have done for this country.   The men and women who serve our country have seen it all. They have experienced the unimaginable. They have exerted strength they didn’t know they had. There is no way to thank them enough, but what we can do is be there for them. Because for so many of our heroes, the hardest battles come after returning home.

This Veterans Day…
Ride 2 Recovery is aiming to raise $220,000, equivalent to just $0.01 per every living veteran. That’s right – one cent. This money will allow our local Project HERO groups to continue to help veterans improve overall health, lessen prescription drug use and reduce pain.

Every veteran deserves the chance to successfully recover, rehabilitate and reintegrate. Please donate in honor of these 22 million heroes so that we may continue to provide our life-changing programs for them.

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