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LinkedIn Accounts Used for MGM Grand Malware Attack – and you could be next

All it took to hack MGM Resorts was a quick jump onto LinkedIn, search for user profiles, gather the public information shared by MGM employees, then call the Help Desk. Hackers don’t hack, hackers log-in. 10 minutes. Yes 10 minutes is all it took for the #ALPHVransomwaregroup to expose the vulnerability that lies within human…
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Website Compliance

Greetings from Big Bear Lake friends and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been in touch! I’ve got some updates to share with you regarding compliance laws for your website… you know, the boring legal stuff. Two main areas that require attention are accessibility access and consumer data…
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The Nay Foundation Big Bear

New Website Launch – Nay Foundation

The Nay Foundation in Big Bear Lake, CA Launches Redesigned Website Another client that I’ve been working with over the past several months is the Nay Foundation in Big Bear Lake, CA. If you know me, you know I love animals so this was another really fun project.  The Nay Foundation is the “Legacy Giving”…
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Apple Valley Gun Club New Website Launch

New Website Launch – Apple Valley Gun Club

Oh yes I’m way behind on “all the things”!  Two plus year hiatus on new podcast, not posting content regularly… yes, all the things.  But that said, I’ve been busy!  Several website launches, new clients and new opportunities.  Life is good and we are blessed.  Apple Valley Gun Club Launches Redesigned Website One of my…
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Changing world of digital marketing

The Changing World of Digital Marketing

Social media and digital marketing are in a major upheaval at the moment.  Influencers are being deplatformed, websites suddenly shut down, emails blocked.  How are you going to reach your followers if your accounts are blocked or shut down entirely? What if your email provider blocks your content.  I wrote about this over a year…
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Zucced? Email Marketing is your solution.

How to Reach Your Followers When Social Media Fails

Zucced – Verb/Internet Slang To ban, either permanently or temporarily, from from posting on a website, especially on Facebook or Instagram. The internet always comes up with interesting jargon of its own doesn’t it? I mean seriously Karen, WTH? You were Zucced too? OMG. While pop culture continues to entertain us during these challenging times,…
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Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas

New Website! Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas

Who Let the Dogs Out?  It was Us! We Let the Dogs Out! I’m excited to announce my latest website project (and pet charity) Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas –  If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge animal lover. Robin and I have been considering adding another doggie to our…
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Online Stranger Danger West Coast Cyber Chick

Stranger Danger – Part One: Parental Controls

Uff. I’ve been putting off blogging and podcasting for awhile now… Okay… about six months. It started with the holidays and a cyber attack on my parent’s computer, and then… well… this COVID-19 situation. The weeks and months have gone by, and now here it is almost Memorial Day. I’m dragging my fingers to get…
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Holiday Marketing Tips from West Coast Cyber Chick

Tips for Holiday Marketing

Well here we are again, the holidays are about to go into full swing.  Actually to me it feels like we skipped Thanksgiving and went straight to Christmas.  I admit, I’ve been listening to Christmas music and watching the Hallmark Channel since the beginning of November.  Guilty.  This time of year seems to go by…
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Promoting Your Next Big Event with Email Marketing

So any of you that know me know that I’m really good at getting myself volunteered for various events and activities. Whether it’s a water ski tournament or a cycling event, I’ve found my way into the thick of organizing and promotion. In my defense, I will say that my volunteer involvement has opened some…
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