New Website Launch – Nay Foundation

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New Website Launch – Nay Foundation

The Nay Foundation Big Bear

The Nay Foundation in Big Bear Lake, CA Launches Redesigned Website

Another client that I've been working with over the past several months is the Nay Foundation in Big Bear Lake, CA. If you know me, you know I love animals so this was another really fun project. 

The Nay Foundation is the "Legacy Giving" arm of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo.  The zoo is a non-profit organization that accepts small er donations via the Friends of the Big Bear Zoo and larger, legacy gifts through the Nay Foundation.  Both work to support the operation of our local wildlife rehabilitation zoo. 

The animals at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo are rescues of a sort.  The goal is to rehabilitate them and release them back into the wild.  Unfortunately that's not always an optimal option for them, so they live out their lives in the comfort of their home at our zoo. 

So the Nay Foundation website,, was redesigned with the goal of better communicating the mission of the Foundation.  I think we succeeded as we quickly received a new donation this past Fall.  Yay!

Check out our new website, and if you're ever in Big Bear, make a stop at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo! 

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