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LinkedIn Accounts Used for MGM Grand Malware Attack – and you could be next

All it took to hack MGM Resorts was a quick jump onto LinkedIn, search for user profiles, gather the public information shared by MGM employees, then call the Help Desk. Hackers don’t hack, hackers log-in. 10 minutes. Yes 10 minutes is all it took for the #ALPHVransomwaregroup to expose the vulnerability that lies within human…
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Website Compliance

Greetings from Big Bear Lake friends and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been in touch! I’ve got some updates to share with you regarding compliance laws for your website… you know, the boring legal stuff. Two main areas that require attention are accessibility access and consumer data…
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Changing world of digital marketing

The Changing World of Digital Marketing

Social media and digital marketing are in a major upheaval at the moment.  Influencers are being deplatformed, websites suddenly shut down, emails blocked.  How are you going to reach your followers if your accounts are blocked or shut down entirely? What if your email provider blocks your content.  I wrote about this over a year…
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Announcing Monthly Website Maintenance Packages!

I know many of you rarely, if at all, look at the dashboard of your website. For those of you that do, you’re usually asking me what the red notification icons are on the left-hand side. Well let me tell you, those are pending updates that need to be addressed on your site. And they…
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